Monday, November 24, 2008

Just who the hell do I think I am, anyway?

This just in via email:

I have just read the following article on your site:

I apologise for my angry tone, but just who the hell does this Hilary White thinks she is?

She states:

Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide – in which a physician prescribes a lethal does of drugs – are intended deliberately to end a patient's life at his request. The Dutch euthanasia law is often defended because of its “safeguards”, one of which is establishing that the patient is of sound mind. Paradoxically, arguments are being more frequently made in favour of extending euthanasia as a relief to those who suffer from depression.

I find this deeply offensive that she may even hint at the fact that people suffering from depression may not be of 'sound mind' when it comes to the subject of suicide. To let such an ill-informed person express such an opinion is nothing short of disgusting. I would expect that for this comment alone, her views will have been quite rightly vilified.

I would greatly appreciate if you could pass on my comments to her.

Kind regards,

I respond:

Dear Sir,

Clinical depression is a mental illness. The mentally ill are, by definition, not of sound mind.

Having suffered from clinical depression myself for some years, I can tell you that I am very glad there are not "compassionate" people around to have helped me decide at that time in my life that I would indeed have been better off dead. Had PAS been legal in Canada in the 1980s, I might very well not now be enjoying my life in Rome as the senior correspondent for

I offer the following from my personal blog:

Sunday, November 23, 2008
"Twixt stirrup and ground, mercy sought and mercy found"


Steve said...

That damnable White girl has had it coming for far too long. About time her comeuppance was received.

Zach said...

Your answer is more gracious than the Captain Kirk response:

"Who do I have to be?"

Keep up the good fight, Hilary.


Anonymous said...

I agree, your reply is more gracious than the correspondent deserves. Well done you for making such a dignified stand for human life.

This is the kind of thinking that we are up against today. People who don`t even recognize their own delusion. So when someone puts their finger, however gently, on the truth, it's like lighting a firework. I am getting so tired of it. You have to spend ages ironing out the basic parameters for a discussion these days before you can actually roll your sleeves up, take a deep breath and START the discussion.

In fact here's what I think : The time for "discussion" is pretty much over. People know the arguments and can make up their own minds. People are also fed up of words. Actions speak louder and so does silence. I have realized, I am bored of discussions.

Anonymous said...

your reply is more gracious than the correspondent deserves.

The very definition of mercy, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mercy is a good definition.

Hilary shows a very good practical understanding of it.

But Shhh.. we don't want some Bishop's conference hijacking it for their own ends, do we ? Just pretend it never happened.....