Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's all in the details

Just been enjoying a rousing game of "Quote the pope" with a bunch of Trads on Facebook, all arguing about lying in defence of innocent lives.

I won't bore you with too much of all that backing and forthing, (everyone's talking about it...put "Lila Rose" and "Lying" into Google), but one friend just made a comment that about summs up my total lack of patience with all this sort of stuff these days:

"When I argue with certain Catholics, I feel as though I'm debating with Star Wars nerds, or arguing with a fanatic about comic book origin lore:

'Wolverine didn't have bone claws before Weapon X! He only had a healing factor.'

'Yes he did, didn't you see Wolverine Origins #2? Right there. Bone Claws.'..."


Everyone knows that Superman's ability to fly is a capacity of his super strength.

"It is an extension of his ability to leap tall buildings, an ability he derives from exposure to Earth's yellow sun."

"Oh yeah? Then how does he fly at night?"

"A combination of the moon's solar reflection and the energy storage capacity of Kryptonian skin cells..."

Well, du-uh!