Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Get. Out. Of. The. Way

Today I told a young lady thinking of coming to live in Italy that it's not all gelatos and piazzas. A lot of living in Italy is aggravation generated by the incredible multitude of little things that Italians do that drive Anglos utterly and completely screaming-at-invisible-people insane.

One of the big ones is the thing they have about walking five abreast on the sidewalk at that pace usually performed by soldiers at state funerals, or stopping entirely to stand and think about life. They don't get out of your way when you are walking up to them either. Ten of them, standing around the door of the coffee bar smoking and chewing the fat. They see you coming. They can't miss you. But, where in all the civilised Anglo world, they would automatically move over the ten inches you require to get by without being forced to shove them into traffic aside, the Italians just continue to stand there as if you live in a parallel universe and they can't see you because you're foreign.

And I'm someone who thinks Torontonians walk too slow...