Friday, December 19, 2008


I always laugh when leftists talk about how we have to be "balanced".

Well, the Spanish government is run by a particularly foul and juvenile pack of southpaw cretins and the latest news sounds a lot like the kind of "balance" they mean.

The Zapatero régime in Spain continues to pour salt remorselessly into the wounds of the Civil War. It has removed all statues of Franco and renamed streets commemorating Nationalists, in honour of Red murderers. Yesterday the last statue of Franco on mainland Spain was removed from the town square of Santander, though one survives in Tenerife, fiercely defended by locals.

I have to say, I really am just getting a little fed up with people telling me who I can and cannot like.

So, in the interests of "balance" I think I have a whim to begin all my posts this week, until, say, Christmas eve, with a photo of an important historical figure that has been vilified...dare we say "demonized" by the left.

I'm accepting nominations in the chatterbox.