Thursday, December 04, 2008

Guess where I went today?

Finally got inside. Normally, the queue to get into St. Peter's stretches around nearly the entire perimeter of the Piazza and it is either scorching hot or pouring, I'm not big on queues. But today, after I came away from my meeting with Bishop Sgreccia, I went to sit for a few minutes and admire the view and noticed that the queue had disappeared and people were just going in. It's the metal detectors that slow the whole thing down. Metal detectors that, oddly enough, weren't there until a few years ago, became somewhat more problematic.


Got some good pics before the camera batteries crapped out.

Vicky will be happy: not only is the Pieta still there, it is free. I was surprised by how small it is.

A dome. Not the dome, but quite a nice dome, I thought. There were quite a few more Very Impressive Domes, and a lot of Very Large Statues, and of course, the whole thing was Very Large and Important in General,

but ....


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