Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yes, yes, I know,

but honestly, given that I have had my full attention taken up with Mrs. Blair this week, I'm sure that you really didn't want to hear anything from me.

But I admit. I'm a bad blogger.

No biscuit.

I have lots of pics to share, not the least interesting of which are those of the Tiber which seems to have forgotten that it no longer floods. The river has risen about fifteen feet this week.

I offer the following comment from a pro-life friend on Mrs. Blair's coverage from the Daily Mail, (formerly my favourite English newspaper):

Cherie's position is probably a sort of "personally opposed" to abortion position i.e. "I would never abort MY lovely children but I'm happy for other women to abort theirs" and "Aborting children because they're female is wrong because I'm female and it's sexist, but abortion generally isn't wrong and therefore it shouldn't be illegal".

Perhaps I should have a lunch with Mr. Pisa and explain the concept of "spin" and "damage control" to him. It seems like he needs a few lessons in Catholic politics.

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