Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yes, but what if it actually doesn't?

From Open Europe:

MEP: Mumbai attacks show we need 'more Europe '

El Pais reports that Spanish MEP Ignasi Guardans, returning from Mumbai yesterday, lamented the "lack of coordination" of the EU during the terror attacks in the city. He said "Being a European citizen hasn't been any use at all in Bombay , each member state helped its citizens in an independent way." He added, "There has to be a profound revision of Europe 's role in crisis situations. There are moments when Europe should prove it exists".

Guys, nations exist. We know they exist. We can see and hear them. If you have to go around the world "proving" you exist, it could be for a good reason.

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Steve said...

I can't help feeling like this ties into Belloc's assertion that "The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith." The idea that while Europe broke up into independent kingdoms following the dissolution of central Roman government, the very infusion of Catholicism into the Roman thing made Europe as a whole have a unified identity and purpose rooted in the Faith.

If Europe no longer exists, it's because the Faith no longer exists; the question is whether, despite the extreme decrepitude of the Church in Europe, that case can definitively be made for the continent as a whole.

I don't think we're there yet. I'd like to believe that some embers yet remain, tucked into the far corners and backwoods areas of places like France, Italy, Austria and Spain.