Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Cats of Torre Argentina

Had a fun little visit the other day to the cat sanctuary at the Torre Argentina, a set of pre-Imperial ruins in the centre of Rome. If you come to visit, you can't miss it. It's the place where all the trams stop.

It is also, rather oddly, about the place they think where Julius Caesar was assassinated. The Senate building is nowhere near there, but it was not in use at the time as it was being refurbished. The Senate of Rome was meeting in Pompey's theatre instead, which is right under and all around the area where the Argentina bus and tram stop is today. Think about the history that lies beneath your feet next time you are standing around in the rain waiting to get on the 64 bus in front of Feltrinelli's (like the Italian Chapters).

My friend Giancarlo took quite a shine to this old fellow.

Boyden and his new best friend.

The cats have lived here a long time. The ruins have been a traditional place in Rome to leave unwanted cats for years, but it is now illegal to abandon cats here. An American outfit runs a cat sanctuary where you can adopt the cats, but most of them live here permanently, and can be seen sunning themselves and prowling about the ruins. It's a popular Rome attraction.

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Anonymous said...

Nice cats.
Not an American outfit though... it's Anglo-Italian; that's Anglo as in English.