Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Kathy is still my favourite blogger

Mostly because she saves me the trouble of doing all that tedious typing.

How many arguments have I had on the web...with idiots who -- after I've made a matter of fact, everybody-knows statement about the importance of preachers/barbershops/grandmothers/basketball/hair in Black culture, for instance -- leap at the opportunity to engage in some moral exhibitionism:

"Do you have proof to back up that racist statement? Any studies? Any statistics??"

Of course not, you dickhead.

Unlike you, I didn't waste the last good years of my life being brainwashed in academia; I lived with and worked with and talked with actual, normal human beings (professors definitely don't count) and that's how I formed my knowledge of how the world really works. Through the evidence of my senses and my own personal experiences.

I do not rely upon junk science or faux history or Marxist theory.

And also because liking her, and linking to her regularly, just seems to annoy my enemies so very, v e r y much.

What's the point of backpacking around the world if you can't admit to yourself, let alone your friends, family and strangers on the web when you finish, that different people in different countries are different? Wasn't that kind of the point? Actually no: today the point of aimless bourgeious gap year wandering is to a) try different kinds of booze, b) sleep around and c) reaffirm in spite of all evidence to the contrary everything you've already been taught your whole life: that "deep down, we're all the same..."

(How much energy do these people expel trying desperately not to notice, for example, in general, that Asians and natives can't handle their booze as well as Caucasians and Blacks? If you just accept this stuff, life is so much easier and less stressful. But then I supposed lots of useless stressing over trivial provides Leftists with the semi-satisfying sensation that they're engaged in something resembling work

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Anonymous said...

The only problem with Kathy is that she belieeeeeves in "Free Speech," which, as you know, is not quite consistent with a Catholic Confessional State.