Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meanwhile, out in NewChurch

John Zmirak is describing the lived experience of post-Conciliar Catholics the world over.

at most of the parishes I've attended throughout my life, the pews have been groaning with Marsh-Wiggles, who rise for the Gospel reluctantly, sometimes sighing, and wince as they drop their weekly $1 into the basket. The only prayer that they answer with any enthusiasm is, "The Mass is ended, go in peace," to which they practically bellow, "Thanks be to GOD!" and head for the doors.

and doesn't this sound just a little uncomfortably familiar...

How about Traditionalist Catholics who have been relegated by their bishops to tiny parishes in the boondocks, to mental hospital chapels or funeral crypts -- who mutter with grim satisfaction at the news that the diocese got slammed with another abuse suit and will have to close a "modernist" parish in the suburbs? I personally have taken pungent delight in reading how apostate religious orders are now devoid of vocations, and chuckled at the thought of elderly heretics frying up cat food.


Anonymous said...

If "Novusordoism" is not Catholicism, neither is Traditionalism. The last quote is a perfect example of how trads think that the Church heirarchy owes them something, and as if being traditional entitles them to all sorts of benefits in a diocese, without having to do the hard work of mission and evangelization.

-John E. Rae

Anonymous said...

Nonsense! Catholics have always been like this. Novusordoism may not be Catholicism, but Catholics have been slack in every age.

Anonymous said...

It is important that we use our intelligence in this matter, and not be afraid to make distinctions. The number of "neo-Catholics" or "novusordinarians" (EWTN, etc.) who are active in launching projects of an apologetic, missionary, or pro-life character greatly outweighs the number of trads doing the same. Trads seem to think that complaining about this immoral world is the same thing as converting this world. As for a prominent example of the latter, the name of Christopher Ferrara comes to mind.

-John E. Rae

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's because their numbers are larger? Comparing raw numbers and comparing percentages may yield radically different conclusions. Not that you're necessarily wrong.

M. Alexander said...

Yes Traditionalists are known for sitting back and ... having 12 children, and attending prolife marches in D.C. and practicing daily mortification, homeschooling, Rosary, voting prolife, fasting.


Bring on the novus ordites with their 2 children (NFP-style, or NOT), 4 bedroom colonials, 2 car (cum garage), carribean cruise, very expensive hairstyles, designer (though understated clothes) and SUV lifestyles.

So very spiritual. NOT. But if you're looking for affirmation the Legionnaries and R.C. have plenty for you and it won't cost you MUCH. Just ask Fr. Jonathon of Fox News.

Summary: Give lots and lots of money to the Diocese and they will spend it on "priests" who should be in jail, their legal expenses, lawyers who humiliate and silence victims, marxist causes, commie-liberalism, non-catholic schools, the campaign for inhuman development, diocesan sex- ed, nfp classes, annulments and if you DO NOT want to support such causes then.... I ...

Merry Christmas and Happy Brave New Year.