Thursday, December 04, 2008

The world is weirder than we think

Kathy mentions that her post about the "oversale of peanut 'allergies' generated lots of angry email".

"Dennis Prager will tell you that his shows about this subject make people angrier than shows about terrorism or electoral politics."

(Off the topic of the modern western world's weird health obsessions...which I remember started about 1973) I was talking with JP Sonnen the other day and he agreed that it is impossible to guess whether a particular post you do will catch someone's attention. You save pictures and clever ideas up, putting them together and thinking that you've really got a juicy one, and no one notices. You do some little one-off thing on something weird and obscure, and all the world starts flocking to your site.

It's like that at LifeSite too. We think we've got the stuff that will topple governments, and people don't even notice.

The net is weird.

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