Friday, November 09, 2012

This just in... still no cancer

ADEGUATEZZA DEL CAMPIONE: Soddisfacente per la valutazione.
Non si evidenziano lesioni intraepiteliali maligne, Presenza di normale flora microbica vaginale. Non sl evidenz-iano significative alterazioni celfulari su base infiammatoria.
Ripetizione de11'esame: a giudlzio del ginecologo.

So, that's three sets of three months. Four years and two months left to go.

I sort of wish I were better at maths, because then I'd be able to figure out the ratio of time recurrence-free to the statistical chance of recurrence. I thought it would be fun to put a counter on the blog and watch the statistical chance of me dying horribly of cancer go down by increments, like one of those "____ days accident-free" you see on construction sites.

Maybe that would be slightly creepy though...


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Teresa B. said...

Wonderful news Hilary!
My mom had a part of her lung removed 20 years ago. My dad who died 25 years ago was a 3 pack a day smoker - my mom never smoked.
But she still goes back each year to Mt. Sinai to get checked. Now it is just a reason for her to go to Toronto.
Now go and paint!