Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The "New Mass" dies a little every time

This video was rather clever, in that a lot of the crowd shots and a few of the altar shots are actually not taken from the Big Mass at St. Peter's but at our own parish of Trinita Dei Pellegrini. It's funny for me to think that I know a great many people in this video. However did my life get this interesting?

Also, can we please stop pretending that we're surprised that the Traddie world is attracting vocations? Novusordoism has nothing to offer someone looking for somewhere to give himself to God. Only Catholicism (which is what we used to call "traditionalism") is going to fit that bill. How is it surprising that this nearly abandoned dead-end has failed to attract honest Catholics? It isn't.



Teresa B. said...

I noticed that Pepper and Darkness did the translating for this video.

HJW said...

Eh? Who?

Teresa B. said...

Salt and Light TV (someone I know calls it Pepper and Darkness because he gets harrassed by the CEO of the company for calling him out)