Wednesday, November 07, 2012

In case you're wondering

I'm just going to carry on ignoring the US news. Except perhaps to remind everyone that we pretty much get the leaders we deserve.



John said...

An admirable principle.

Much harder to live by here.

But one tries. Alas, without too much success lately.


In partibus infidelium

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Welcome to the same soup the rest of the world has been in for 40 years. It's been hard to live by it for some time out here.

Anonymous said...

So a bunch of women decided that "free" birth control is more important than conscience rights, religious liberty, the economy, the sheer economics of "free" birth control, drone strikes in Libya, and a dead ambassador.

It reminds me of Needful Things (Stephen King), wherein the devil sells people worthless junk in exchange for their souls. As my friend and I were saying, if you're going to sell out the greatest nation on earth, at least get something better than contraception that you can get for $9/month. That's just laughable.


Teresa B. said...

Obama should put out a huge newpaper headline:
"Thank You to the Spirit of Vatican II bishops, priests and religious!
The path you set 40 years ago helped get me to where I am today. You showed Catholics that they could make informed decisions based on their own moral consciences not on what the Catholic Church tells them it is."

BillyHW said...

I wish I lived in an era where women couldn't vote. I would be much happier then.