Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I'm such a geek!

Quick, what's the first thing you think when you look at this article about NASA maybe getting ready to invent the first FTL engine?

Was it, "But wait, that's a Vulcan ship..." ?

Then you're not a real nerd.



Teresa B. said...

Ironically, I was just reading Domenico Bettinelli's blog and he posted this today:

John said...

Nope. First thought was non-recognition. Pretty nifty looking, though.

My second thought was confusion: it says warp drive but I thought Alderson drive. Now that would've been headline-making.

The third thought was that the B.O. administration would never fund anything that looked that good. (Sorry. I know it's been 3 weeks already. But it's hard to get politics out of the mind. Like one of those earworm tunes.)



Anonymous said...

You're a pretty geek, though.

-Rico S.

Fr Paul of Niagara said...

Hilary, can you please tell us what that thought was?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

"But wait, that's a Vulcan ship"