Friday, November 30, 2012

Narcissistic Cannibals

Sometimes it takes industrial metal

to call the kettle black.

The media has revealed that the UK's abortion facilities, both those private organisations funded through contracts with the NHS and the directly public NHS hospitals, regard the legal requirements of informed consent for women as a joke. Pre-signed consent forms from doctors stacked up on the receptionists' desks, women having abortions without a medical examination, doctors lying on the forms regarding the legal criteria to cover up sex-selection.

There's a petition just put up to demand that the government enforce standard NHS informed consent practices on abortionists who have demonstrated their eagerness to ignore what laws there are to kill as many as possible.

As a friend of mine put it in my FB commbox:

"Leave it to the f***ing government to make F***ing Peter 'just-cut-their-throats-and-put-them-out-of-their-misery' Singer look sane, rational and compassionate by comparison."

It makes you want to go over to the Dark Side just to be able to kick their asses.


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