Friday, November 16, 2012

...but I digress

In a post, below, about learning to do things "the hard way," I mention:

In general, I think I've come to accept that the best way to do nearly anything is the hard way. For one thing, learning, for example, to sew and draft patterns by hand, or bake "from scratch" or cook from whole-food ingredients, means you will always have the skills and knowledge at your disposal and will just be generally better equipped to handle life. If you go through life only buying clothes read-made, cooking only opening packages, your choices in life are forever limited and your experience and enjoyment of life are narrowed.

... you will also be a sissified wuss who can't do anything for yourself in life and will be the first, as Douglas Adams used to say, up against the wall when the revolution comes.

Or, more to the point for those of us who are conscious of the imminentisation of the eschaton,

the first to be eaten in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Also, get off the sofa and learn to walk places.

Like Venice.

Which is a good place to be in the Z.A., BTW.

Which is more or less the reason they built the place to start with, now that I think of it... Only it was the Lombard barbarians, not zombies.

Venice makes you happy.

See? This is me in Venice, happy.

~ * ~

Also, here's an idea for those of us life-long wanderers who have left behind us across the globe a trail of bewildered friends who wonder if they will ever get to hang out with you again. Read a book together long distance. My friend Vicky and I used to do this when I first moved away from Vancouver.

Pick a book you will both enjoy, and buy a copy or get it out of the library and start on the same day, then talk to each other on FB or Skype or, [gasp!] in letters...written in pen... about what you think about it. It helps if you and your friend read at more or less the same pace, but it's not necessary.

Try it. It's really surprisingly fun.


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Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in Venice. I'd walk with you anywhere.

-Rico S.