Friday, November 30, 2012

Laughing at the dead

"When the power went out one time for hours and we were all explicitly instructed NOT to open the freezer where all of the medical waste was stored (read: dead baby parts in bio-hazard bags) but inevitably, someone did open that freezer and I will never, ever forget the stench of decaying human flesh for as long as I live—but we all laughed as we gagged and joked how at least 'they' had it better in that non-functioning freezer because at least they couldn’t smell it."

When you spend every working day reading and dealing with this reality, anything Trent Reznor can produce just looks like the Teddy Bear's Picnic...

I think I have mentioned that the book that finally got me moving in the pro-life movement was this one, which I read cover to cover in 1998. In it, there is an interesting description of what happened to the minds of the people who were killing children in hospitals as part of the T-4 programme.

The records showed they all developed psychiatric conditions of various kinds, not limited to alcohol and drug abuse. It described a bizarre mock-religious ceremony, conducted in the crematorium of one hospital, in which the drunk and hysterically laughing staff, dressed in flower wreaths, lobbed the children's emaciated bodies into the fire.

One of the reasons you can't kill people to solve your problems is that it makes you go insane.



Anonymous said...

The insanity stems from the realization of no return to innocence. It sucks

Teresa B. said...

I just went looking for this book.
Out of Stock with Amazon - and then I googled the author's name - he just died Oct 17, 2012.

Anonymous said...

"One of the reasons you can't kill people to solve your problems is that it makes you go insane."

May I borrow that? It explains it all so succinctly.


Anonymous said...

On another topic, you notice that the Duchess of Cambridge's SE Asia trip was perfectly timed for my conspiracy theory to be true? - Karen