Monday, September 28, 2009

...then you're a racist

Oh, I love these things.

Another "If you ______, then you're a racist" list.

If you're against socialized medicine, it's really because our president — who's for it — is black. If you're against the redistribution of wealth, it's because Obama is black. If you believe global warming dogma is hypothetical hooey, that belief is now racist, since Obama buys into climate change hysteria. So everything you believe in, is now proof you're a bigot.

and if I had been thinking about it more (and been cleverer) I might have said something like...
In fact, most of the racism that hits the black community comes from the left, whether it is slavery backed by Southern Democrats, lynchings by friends of Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, or the soft racism of low expectations that comes from affirmative action. Welfare is a bigger form of racism than anything that comes from the so-called racist right.

This reminds me of something I was thinking about on Friday.

I have seen a lot of Christians, and pro-lifers and people like that often become horrified or embarrassed at the suggestion by our enemies that we are "all a bunch of rightwingers" or squirm when we are accused of being "racist!" for opposing Islam or "anti-choice" when we say abortion is bad or whatever it happens to be this week.

I have seen them desperately backpedalling away in response to these "accusations". "No no!" they squeak in a panic, "I'm really nice, just like you...really!".

More, lately they've been trying to get in on the game. They talk about "growing Christianophobia" and do a lot of blithering about "equal rights", and "freedom of religious expression" and do silly things like launch Canadian Human Rights Commission complaints. They think they can play the game too, and "use the system against them".

This, I suppose, is a result of the error of so many Christians in buying into the world's democratic tosh. They think that there is only one good system and that it is being corrupted by bad people, but that the idea of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité was a great one, if only we can get it, somehow, on the right track.

I've seen them get so flustered at the idea of being thought "nasty" or "right wing" or "racist!" that they hastily start repudiating their beliefs. Stockholm Syndrome.

And it's not new. The embarrassing thing is that now we are squeaking and skipping away from our convictions and the worst that is being threatened is getting called a nasty name on a blog. And nary a red-hot poker in sight.

The error, however, is something that few of them suspect: they have forgotten that Christianity, including its political implications, is True.

The things that oppose it are false and wicked. We're right, and they're wrong.

...Say it with me now. Come on, don't be afraid...

We don't need "equality" with falsehood or wickedness. We just need to denounce it from the perspective of simply being right.

We don't need to start with any kind of weasel-principle of "equality" or "rights" that assumes there is no right answer to that whole "Who do you say that I am" question.

The world says something patently idiotic like, "All truths are equally valid, therefore everyone has an equal right to be wrong, so you people aren't allowed to say you're right," and the poor befogged, fuzzbrained postmodern Christians seem to think that the only thing they're allowed to do is nod dumbly and pass another biscuit at the interfaith dialogue conference.

I got the following email from a nice lady in the US who is on our side, but seems not to have learned this simple lesson: we are right, and the people who oppose us are wrong.

I am hoping you will be able to either answer this question or point me in a direction to find the answer. The other day a feminist, whom I work with, made a dismissive statement that the pro-life movement is all right wing Christians.

I told her I didn't think that was true, but was really not able to define my answer with any fact! Is there any information as to the demographics of the pro-life community? If you could give me some sources of information, I would really appreciate it.

I would like to be able to state with some conviction the diversity of this community by backing up my statement with some facts! Has there ever been a survey done?

"Diversity"? Is that really what's worrying you?

I responded, essentially, "You need to look your coworker dead in the eye and say, 'You say that like it's a bad thing'."


Anonymous said...

Precisely. Such people will never like you, so you might as well revel in it.

American Catholics are particularly inclined to think that they must always square their Catholicism with the Founding Fathers or the Constitution or whatever. People everywhere believe that democracy is a panacea. There is no reason to think that. When one contemplates the stupidity of the ordinary man or, a fortiori, woman, it is hardly surprising that people vote in awful people with awful ideas.

If you do try to "make nice", people don't respect you. You are far better just "letting it all hang out", as the hippies used to say.


Jeff said...

Why not a grand coalition of the Good and the Evil to promote shared values?

Anonymous said...

And what's with this "community" thing? The pro-life movement is nothing any mediaeval would recognise as a "community."

There is hardly anything in the West which even approximates a community.