Friday, September 11, 2009

Canadianness in Italy

I haven't got a picture yet (computer still on fritz), but I thought it was interesting to note that the trains that take me every day from Santa Marinella to Rome are made by a company that is a household name in Canada.

Bombardier Inc. The parent company of the guys who make the good old Bombadiers we used to drive around in the snow.

My parents had a Bug in the NWT. You put your nets and gear, as well as diretion finding equipment and a couple of thermoses of hot tea in it, and you drive out on the Great Slave Lake about a mile or so, and you can sit inside its heated luxuriousness while the nets fill up with money...I mean fish. It was great.

(BTW: The direction finding stuff is expensive but important. There's this thing that happens in the snow called "white-out" where you can't see anything. This means that if you have gone out onto the lake and are planning on navigating by the tree line, that is, by keeping the line of trees in sight and pointing your Bug back towards them when you want to go home, and there's a white-out, you won't be able to see the trees. You won't know if you are just driving around on the ice in circles and you will probably die. The north has lots of interesting and tricky ways to kill you, and is more or less trying to do that all the time.)


Michael Daley said...

This made me miss home. :(

Hi Hilary from West Yorkshire - though originally from Toronto.

I'm also Anglo-catholic. How about that? Did you ever pass out in a Bombardier from drunken-ness? If you did, we should be pals. ;)


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Err... No. If you are a mile out on the ice, it is a bad idea to drink. You will probably die.

And you have made a mistake. I am an Anglo who is a Catholic.

not an Anglocatholic.