Friday, September 25, 2009

Shouldn't be read on the bus

I shouldn't read Mark Steyn where anyone else is in earshot. He's got a column on the often amusingly ironic differences among MEPs in Brussels:
The SNP is antipathetic to homosexuals, whereas Krisztina Morvai, the attractive blonde Jobbik member just elected to the Euro-parliament, is a former winner of the Freddie Mercury Prize for raising AIDS awareness. I can’t be the only political analyst who wishes that, instead of a victory speech last Sunday, Doktor Morvai had stood on the table in black tights and bellowed out, “We Are The Champions.”

Of course, none of these political differences make the slightest difference to what the European Union actually decides and does. People who think the EU is run by its Parliament, and that its parliamentarians have any kind of power to effect anything that it decides and does, aren't paying attention.

But it's fun to watch them sometimes anyway. A bit like watching old episodes of Yes Prime Minister while Britain crumbles.

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