Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"in line with Catholic teaching"

"Cherie Blair Attacks Catholic Church..."

Sometimes saying "I told you so" is a downright pleasure.

Nasssty judgemental pro-liferses, preciousss...

Fr. Williams’ went on, saying that the reason he was paying “special attention” to her remarks on human life, was that “the way you came across was decisively contrary to the way you have been pictured recently by a number of websites that describe you as pro-abortion and anti-family and which protested against our university giving you a platform.

“What you have just said inclines me all the more to think that those accusations were at the very best rash, if not outright calumnious, and I regret that you were subjected to that.”


Scott W. said...

From the article (my emphasis):

"Despite being a devour Catholic..."

Sometimes in the media there is more truth in the typos.

BillyHW said...

Tony could have done so much better.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I don't know. He had pretty sticky-outy ears in younger days.

BillyHW said...
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BillyHW said...

I guess some age more gracefully than others. You should be quite the bomb in Italy in a few years.

Karen K said...

Sheesh, Cherie looks like a Sicilian widow about to throw herself on her deceased husband's coffin.

I guess she's as useless a "Catholic" as her husband.

I'm sure Leo is happy to know that he was an "oopsie."

Sand Mama said...

She did NOT wear a chapel veil outside! So wrong.

Only the very worst politico's self-identify as 'devout'.

Any normal, sinful and sorrowful soul knows we are all 'practicing'.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

That photo was taken at the funeral of JPII which was held out of doors.

Ah yes, the New Springtime.

BTW, Silvia, it is the rule at Orwell's Picnic that no commenter is allowed to use an obviously assumed name or moniker. Further rules are posted to the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said the church had warned of contraception causing four major problems.

These were a general lowering of moral standards, a rise in infidelity, a lessening of respect for women by men and the coercive use of reproductive techniques by government.

The last four decades have testified to the wisdom of this analysis,” the spokesman said.

But a Family Planning Association spokesman backed Mrs Blair, saying: “It’s incredibly important that women have safe and convenient access to contraception because it has a big effect on their life.”

Seriously, does the FPA reaally think this is a proper argument?

"because it has a big effect on their life"

I can do something wrong b/c something else has a big effect on my life?

Anonymous said...

Finally, why do famous people think any of us should care wht they think?

They are egos on legs.

Dymphna said...

What a scary looking couple.

Dorothy said...

Aw, I think they're cute. Maybe a weenie bit heterodox. But cute.