Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool to live at the centre of the world

I don't really like Rome, to tell the truth. Big noisy dirty cities never really did it for me. I miss the fields and crab apple trees and cows of Cheshire.

But there is one thing about living in the most important place in the world, and I've said it before, that eventually, everyone shows up. If you want to meet people, Rome's the place to be.

Just got a note from Binky of the WebElf Report, Free Mark Steyn and Free Canuckistan! who said he wants to go see the Shroud of Turin when they display it next year and is giong to come down here to look at our monuments.

It turns out that I have actually met him. He lives in Nova Scotia and I remember chattering away to him once about the end of the world or something. Weird little internet world.

I wonder what will happen when two bloggers actually get into the same room. Does the universe implode or something?

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Zach said...

No. But it does get weirder.