Friday, July 17, 2009

While I realise that most pro-life Catholic bloggers are focusing on the emerging knowledge that President Obama's pic for Supreme Court is a pro-abort Catholic, there seems to be few attending to the other apparently emerging news, perhaps related to the first, that she seems also to be an illiterate peasant who has likely risen to her current position of power and influence due to the effectiveness of racial affirmative action programmes.

Not at all unlike another prominent political figure in the US.

Interesting to note, of course, that those liberalized programmes designed to get more brown people into college were instituted by white intellectuals whose parents had to pay for their educations.

Ed Whelan gives throws her a little bone:
Does the fact that she is a Latina immunize her from attention to that sort of (admittedly not uncommon) foible?

"admittedly not uncommon"?

Among Supreme Court Justices?

Ah yes. Good old white liberal guilt.

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Zach said...

But she's a "wise Latina", so that must make it OK.

I didn't realize she'd be doing double-duty and also representing the Malaprop-American community also.

Was the Vice-Presidency not enough for them????