Monday, July 27, 2009

Italian Summer

It's cooling off. Today, the weather site tells me it's a brisk 86°F. Rumours circulated that it was 104 on Friday.

I didn't come into the city on Friday. Good thing.

Expecting 92 on Wed.

Did I mention that I'm not really a hot weather person?

This just in from a friend visiting Scotland who says he is
reviving forgotten experiences: putting on pullover, needing blanket at night, feeling cold getting out of the shower (at nearly midday!)

and will "magic some cool air down the space/time continuum".

On Saturday, a few friends came out for a beach day in Santa Marinella

Got the awning onto the pergola thingy. When the sun blasted through the garden in the late afternoon, we hung sheets to create more shade. Lit some citronella candles to keep away the zanzare, and had a grand old time.

Tested out my barbeque. It was sort of weirdly fun, starting a fire when it is 90 degrees out. When you step away from it, you feel much cooler.

Caveman Chris make fire...

Cook meat.

Mmmm. Fire good.

I'm remembering last July in Cheshire when it rained and rained and rained, and one day it was so cold, damp and dark, I gave up and drew the curtains at four and started a nice fire and ignored it.

The good news about all this (quite unnatural) sun is that there are loads of blackberries. This means there will be more blackberry jam this year.

Which is good because I'm out.

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