Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fan Mail

Always fun to deal directly with the public.

From: Dan P.
Subject: New Conservative Anglican Intiative Receives Unofficial Support of Queen Elizabeth
To: hwhite
Received: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 8:13 AM

If your clearly incompetent journalists knew anything of the monarchy, you would know that as monarch, constitutional tradition dictates she not give her opinion or endorsement of any political matter except on the advice of her Prime Minister.

Therefore, it is NOT possible HRM Queen Elizabeth II has even given "unofficial" sanction of this group as her Prime Minister has not directed her to do so. Your organisation has taken a simple courteous response as endorsement. Perhaps my letter, that I'm not writing, is endorsing something?

Shame on you for trying to besmirch HRM name and the dignity of her position with your sub-standard journalism.

HJMW responds:

Dear Mr. P.,

Thank you so much for your kind note.

If you will read other coverage, principally that of the Daily Telegraph, you will see that the interpretation of support from Her Majesty for the new endeavour comes not from my journalistic incompetence, which I agree is very great, but from the leadership of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.

I am sure your criticism of journalists, however, justly extends to the entire profession, since every other news source that has covered this subject has so interpreted it, based on the assessment of the FCA, and I believe accurately so.

In addition, looking closely, you will find that this interpretation has also been shared by the leadership of the homosexualist movement who are registering complaints as we speak.

I append some links which may be of interest.


H. White

Mr. P., who can't seem to get the joke, sends his fervent apologies today:

Yes, I saw that others also failed to understand the process as well. Just because there are so many other incompetent journalists doesn't excuse your incompetence or use of a very distinguished woman's name improperly for your petty politics.

Must be a tough job, and very time-consuming, policing the entire journalistic profession.

Someone's got to do it, I suppose.

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DP said...

I imagine Mr. P finds it an even tougher job to be the south end of a north-bound horse 24/7.