Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh yeah, an earthquake...

"They're really confused about where they are"

Uh huh. Sure, "confused".

"We're just basically trying to save them."

Only one guy asks, "Why are they here? Why are the squid here. I can't honestly tell ya."

The giant squid do venture into shallower depths at night, according to LiveScience:

During the day, the somewhat mysterious jumbo squid are known to descend to lower depths in the ocean to rest, slowing down their metabolism to deal with the lower oxygen levels there. At night, they return to well-oxygenated waters nearer the surface to feed.

Beachgoers tried to throw back the squid, which measured up to four feet long, before seagulls could feast on them. But for many of the marine creatures, the attempt was futile.

For pity sake people!


The Media is obviously trying to downplay the threat. More pro-radial-symmetry propaganda here.

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Zach said...

I'm thinking ... calamari.