Friday, July 17, 2009

"Dissenter umbrella group"

Didn't we used to have a word for that?

Weren't they called a "protestant sect"?

I's a new group and all. But it's strange how the voices all sound so...


That's because it's the same old bunch of geriatric hippies, pagans and sex-perverts.
Call to Action, New Ways Ministry, Catholics for Choice, the Women’s Ordination Conference, Women-Church Convergance, the National Association of American Nuns (Sr. Jeanine Gramnick), the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit, and Dignity.

While the webpage and release avoid specific policy statements, they do mention those who have joined the organizing efforts, including Sr. Joan Chittister, whom is described as a “well-known author on issues of contemporary spirituality.” Chittister was the keynote speaker at Women's Ordination Conference in Dublin, Ireland in June, 2000. Another endorser is former priest Dr. Paul Lakeland, professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at the (Jesuit) Fairfield University.

And hands up everyone who flinched in embarrassment at that "whom".

Or did you just laugh?

I did a bit of both. Must be mellowing.

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