Friday, July 17, 2009

Fonda on Fonda

If Jane Fonda wants to go around wearing a t-shirt with her own mug on it, I'd suggest that the silly fist-up salute pic she chose, to commemorate her glory days as the US's first open, out and proud Hollywood communist, really doesn't do her political legacy justice.

If I were her, I'd take one from her real peak cinematic moment, in her oooo-baby-tie-me-up-and-beat-me-till-I-cry Barbarella dominatrix gear.

It was her best role.

But I suppose at a well-surgeried 71, her glory days as a big-haired sex-kitten aren't really what Miz Fonda wants us to remember.

H/T, as always, to The Shaidle.

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