Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When are the hippies going to finish dying off?!

A report on the progress of the liturgical reform of Benedict XVI in Italy from Rorate Caeli. The Motu Proprio is, perhaps unsurprisingly, being blocked by, shall we say, clergy of a certain age.

" is not unknown to Your Holiness that the concrete application of the motu proprio has been obstructed in many places. Not by the faithful laymen, who have understood that the motu proprio opens up a new opportunity for those who so wish (to attend the liturgy in the extraordinary form – CAP), without taking away or imposing anything; but by the clergy who are not so young anymore, and especially the members of the episcopacy, our diocese of Ventimiglia-San Remo there are not at present any Masses in the extra-ordinary form. In the beginning such Masses were celebrated in the convent of the Jesuits in San Remo, the Superior of whom had the intention to celebrate it every Sunday, but under the pressure of the Bishop had to limit the number to once a month. The old mass was celebrated only once with an exceptional attendance of around 500 persons. As a result of this, the Vice-Provincial of the Company of Jesus, who is said to have acted under the solicitation of our Bishop, forbade the continuation of the celebration of this Mass.

'Cause, of course the worst thing that could happen is people going back to the sacraments and taking the faith seriously.

Catholic bishops: working to stamp out the Holy Faith since 1965.

I should note, however, that rumours are swirling about the Traddie community in Rome (the formations can occasionally be spotted swirling over the Abbey Theatre pub behind the Chiesa Nuova some weeknights) that the new, ah ... arrangement at the Ecclesia Dei Commission is going to be addressing this episcopal problem fairly soon and with some force of authority behind it.

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