Monday, December 17, 2007

Norman, Coordinate!

(yesyes, I know. I'm recycling again...what do you want? I'm busy)

An Interesting Question:

I've often wondered what will happen in the lefty mind when their good friends the Islamonutters start murdering the gays, or at least, when they start killing them in numbers too large to keep on ignoring. Will there be an insoluble programming conflict that will make their little brains explode?

Hmmm probably not. In order to have programming conflicts of this kind, there has to be a capacity to grasp the logical principle of non-contradiction. They have to understand that there is a logical conflict. But we have seen that they cannot conceive of a logical conflict. There is no such thing in the leftist mind as two mutually exclusive proposals. We can, indeed we must, be both in the room and not in the room at the same time.

This explains their seemingly inexhaustible capacity for blaming the victim while at the same time assigning untouchable victim status to the perpetrator. We say, "but if everyone's a victim and no one's a perpetrator, how can anyone be a victim?"

But such nay-saying just irritates them. Of course everyone's a victim! Everyone, that is, except White male Christians and their dhimmi subject race wives.

The L. P. of C. simply doesn't trouble them.

I think I know what it's going to be...

"But Muslims are a privileged victim-class, it can't possibly be their fault that they're murdering members of a sibling privileged victim-class. It has to be because of George Bush. It's his fault. Yes, that's it! Islamophobia and George W. Bush have made them start hunting the poor homosexuals...and besides, it's a legitimate expression of their culture. Each to his own, ye know? Quick, more sensitivity training for police! before someone starts blaming the perpetrator instead of the victim!"

I'm confident they'll work it out according to their founding principles.

It's certainly true that their other useful-idiot subgroup un-blamable victim subculture, women, are being raped, maimed and murdered around the world in record numbers by our Muslim bretheren and we don't hear much about it except from the "neo-fascists" like the BNP.

And didn't we used to think the Jews were among the victim classes who could never do any wrong? Seems as if we've taken care of that little game too. They were probably just duping everyone anyway. You know what they're like.

Yes, I'm sure they will be able to figure it out.


Paulinus said...

The lefty minset would also have trouble if it entered into conversation about, say, gay "rights" or feminism or immigration in the average working mens' club. You can just see the grimace of confusion on the face of say, Polly Toynbee or Madeleine Bunting if they were to engage in such a conversation over a pint of mild. Not that they would ever actually enter such a bastion of the white working class, the lost tribe

Anonymous said...

white working class?

grats, you are a huge bigot.

ptduff said...

"There is no such thing in the leftist mind as two mutually exclusive proposals..."

Sure there is. "well-read" and "conservative" come to mind.