Friday, December 21, 2007

It could be worse

we could live in a country where this young man is bound to become Prime Minister in the near future.

Canada: it just parodies itself.

Did you know that "Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world"? And that Justin thinks that's a good thing?

He's also "passionate about the environment".

But wait, there's more:

While Quebec is being torn by its public hearings on the "reasonable accommodation" of immigrants, he said mere "tolerance" isn't enough any more. "We need to say, `I accept, I respect, I open my arms and my heart to you and I know that together, diversity is our greatest strength.'"
Actually, it clearly isn't and never will be. But what can you say? He's a liberal. All they can do is spout the very hottest ideas from 20 years ago, over and over again.

What. A. Dimwit. My resume is more impressive than this guy's.

And he may just become Prime Minister someday.

Because Canadians really are that shallow.

I sent a note to Kathy saying that on the long and growing list of things I am going to do when put in charge of everything is start re-education camps and among the first in line to go to them will be anyone who said in the public press that he is "passionate about the environment."

Conditions in the camp will be...


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