Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can think of one very good reason to be in favour of the death penalty

the EU doesn't like it.


Adulio said...

Unfortunately the post conciliar Catholic church thinks very much like thw EU in regards to the death penalty - a legacy inherited by John Paul "the great".

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


1: we don't allow anonymous posts or those sporting obviously false names. If you think you have a burning need to hide your all important indentity, you can just as effectively hide it by calling yourself "George", no one will be the wiser and you will also fail to generate the opinion that you have an overblown opinion of your own importance.

2: there's no such thing as the "post-COnciliar Church."

There's only the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and there is no problem with the death penalty.

Times call for less shit disturbing and complaining and more constructive thought.

Iohannes Carolus Crassus said...

O, and another thing has occured to me. Should we not once and for all stop confusing the issues, and not discuss capital punishment together with abortion & euthanasia under the category "right to life"? Let us not forget that there is a fundamental difference between the murder or an innnocent person, and the execution of a criminal. The fact that the death penalty is normally applied in cases where an innocent life has been taken seems, to me at any rate, a defence of the sacrality of life, in as much as the greatest punishment is reserved for the greatest possible crime.

Iohannes Carolus Crassus said...

Uh oh, I think my first comment was never posted, which may have been the work of divine providence.
I asked whether it does not constitute "cruel and inhuman punishment" to have somebody locked up for the rest of their lives in a proper prison (I am not talking about the Holiday Inn type that have appeared in Canada and elsewhere).
The fact that someone can always repent of the evil they have done doesn't really fit into the equation, since knowing the very hour of your death is a great grace given to almost no one, and if a man is going to accept God's grace to convert, it's sure as hell going to be sometime before he definitely knows he is going to die; the reason why most of us never convert and do penance is the delusion that we aren't going to die any time soon.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Should we not once and for all stop confusing the issues, and not discuss capital punishment together with abortion & euthanasia under the category "right to life"?

we would if the other side would let us.

Can't tell you how many times I've had someone say to me, "well, yeah, but what about the death penalty? Eh? EH?!!!"

They become quite nonplussed when I say, "what about it? It's not relevant."

They hate it when pro-lifers don't get flustered by their dumb slogans.

Anonymous said...

As you have no doubt completely failed to notice (:-) ) the Canadian Bishops also consider that the d.p. is to be avoided, as a matter of "basic Catholic teaching".


See here.

(I assume it's allowed to link to the CCCB web site ? ( ;-) again )


Adulio said...
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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


One of the cold hard facts you failed to note was that I had said that on this blog we do not allow anonymous or pretentiously false names.

The most important rule to remember around here is that I'm the boss, and I expect my rules to be honoured.

Apart from that, I think I don't like you or your snippy tone, so you are banned.