Monday, December 17, 2007

and this from last summer...Living on the edge

Weather in Durham UK, August 1, 2007, local time is 2:20 am:
Partly Cloudy


2 Aug: Cloudy, h:18°C l:13°C

3 Aug: Light rain, h:19°C l:13°C

Weather in Toronto, ON. Aug 1, local time 10:21 pm:
Clear (except for the smog)

too horrible to contemplate.

Durham: Tweed skirts 365 days a year. Twinsets and stockings in July. Sleeping at night in August.

Toronto: Wallowing in sweat, smog, grit, and suffocating misery. No sleep at all between June and September.

* ~ * ~ *
Someone asked me today why I am moving to GB.

Ah, where to begin?

I have long had the theory that people ought not to live in the middle. The middle is bad. People are supposed to live on the edges, where there are ocean currents and nice wafty breezes to keep things pleasant and stable all year. In fact, we are supposed to live on islands. Think about it. In ancient times, the people who lived on the edges developed things like the wheel, pottery, mathematics, fluted marble architecture, rational philosophies and democracy. The more edges they had, the more good stuff.

Think about the things we like. Where did democracy come from? The place with the most edges of all, Greece. Where does the best tea in the world come from? Ceylon, place with mostly edges. Best beer in the world? Wedgewood china? Stilton cheese? Britain. Nothing but edges.

What comes from the places that are mostly middle with hardly any edges? Mongols. Huns. Yak butter tea. Communism.

What I think I like about Ynglonde is that the entire place is the edges. In a country with mostly edges, there will be peace in the end because that is the way people are supposed to live.

I have figured out another reason Canada is a stupid, awful pointless country. Waaaay too high a middle-to-edges ratio.

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