Friday, December 07, 2007


has just sent me a kind note inviting me in for FREE screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

Very thoughtful of them.

WHAT an interesting country this is!


Mark S. Abeln said...


First the gov'mint forces you to pay for televised occasions of sin -- and then provides free medical screens for the consequences of sin. Strange set of incentives; I'll have to think about it.

And what is a quangocrat?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

a "quango" is QUAsi Non-Governmental Organisation,

and therefore...

I am happy to report that I called the BBC tv licensing extortionists and told them where to go.

It was very satisfying, but the poor hapless chap (who told me he had never heard of Orwell or 1984) said that "an officer" would be visiting me soon anyway.

After a little more berating, I said I would be happy to have an officer come to visit me regularly if it would afford another chance to tell them off in person.

An excellent means to vent at the govt'. One has to take any opportunity

Anonymous said...

Yes, this country is becoming "very interesting" - in many a diabolical way.

Your coming altercation with the TV Licensing thugs and the offer of free screening at a "sexual health clinic" are symptomatic of an oppressive Britain that hardly anyone seems aware of.........

Daily life under the Brown horrors resembles in so many ways the phantasmagoria of Peter Simple.