Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas wish list

Although, I can't really say confidently that I've been particularly good.


Anonymous said...

do you read dreadnought? you might find his blog interesting

Anonymous said...

What's the Catholic / liturgy situation out there in Cheshire, anyway? I'd love to leave London - I could happily downsize from my current job, but I worry about ending up in liturgy purgatory.

Anonymous said...


I've not really been here long enough to get a good idea. But in general, it's pretty thin gruel, as far as I've seen. I've got to the point at the local parish/hovel that another Sunday obligation there and it will be nothing but an occasion for sin. Since there's nothing within walking distance that's better, I've arranged to catch a lift to the nearest SSPX Mass (and anyone wanting to report me to Fr. Sp.Dir. may just go ahead, seeifIcare!) as often as possible. The bishops and local people here have made it particularly difficult to get to the Mass, moving it around to a different location every week with no set schedule...the usual trickery.

In fact, just this weekend, after going to the TLM in Saltney for Imm. Con. I've been wondering if I ought to do something drastic like join some SSPX reilgious order just to get enough Spiritual petrol to keep me going.

It's grim, in other words. Unless you've a car and a lot of deterimination.

See if I ever complain about the Toronto Oratory again!

Mulier Fortis said...

Heheheh... Hilary, you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Sorry MF. This is the sort of Christmas stuff I don't really have much call to do so I'm afraid almost the entire meme would be N/A.

I usually have a tree, if I can afford one, but this year might be difficult and I don't have any decorations to put on one. I send cards, but that's about the extent of it. Comes of not having had a family since I was 15.

read all about it here:
Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord -

John said...

In the event St Nicholas fails to deliver the requested Ordo, you might find this site useful:
It's in French but pretty easy French, even for me whose French is derived entirely from the Teach Yourself French software I got on sale at Target. And it doesn't have the English propers. S. Thomas de Cantorbéry, for instance is only a mémoire and not a 1ère classe fete. But it's a start.