Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Whoopie! The New Springtime! Yay!

Just discussing Canadian Catholic demographics with a correspondent from the east coast.

He writes:

The Church here is hitting a wall. My family's home parish in Halifax is full of "cottontops", to use one of Tom Wolfe's words. The Basilica is basically 20-25% full at best for the Masses to which I go. [A young Halifax priest] said a few years ago we will be down to two parishes on the old peninsula in 20 years.

The old parish church in L'Ardoise (really a pocket basilica built by impoverished fisherman in the 1880s, and which eventually had an affiliated convent up to 30-35 years ago) burned down in '71, replaced by a small bland church with a now-rotten spire. Now, it's a mission not a true parish.

The collapse of the Catholic Church is THE salient event in the West in the past 40 years, yet it's a basically ignored fact.

Yep, Novusordoism.

Really packs 'em in, don't it?