Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance

Fr. Blake gives this little note about cultural perceptions of men.

"Psychology is hate, at least as it is practiced in western culture." I wonder how many young men who have been through the seminary psychobabble mincing machine, invariably run by these "nurturing" females, would agree.

When I listened to this video, I paused for a moment to give a list of things that popped into my head to complete the second sentence...
"...small minded, petty, boring, manipulative, vindictive, vain, self-serving, illogical, emotion-driven, self-aggrandizing professional victims."

I used to wonder why I didn't get on with the cool kids in high school. Of course, in school, the sexes are usually naturally self-segregating and the "cool kids" in question were girls. It took me many years to notice that my friends in school were mostly boys and as a grown-up, men. It took quite a few more to realise that the very few women I had as friends, real friends that is, people I actually trusted with the inside part of me, were also women who mostly had men as friends. They are also, nearly invariably, those women who have seen through the feminist trap.

I won't venture to judge whether it is feminism that has made women so unpleasant, in the way that spoiling a child will make him into a monster, or whether women are naturally this way, but in our times, with feminism as ubiquitous as smog in a city, I think the question is moot.