Monday, January 07, 2013

So, do you think it's possible to find religion really tedious and religious people really annoying, and still go to heaven?

Here's some old music to listen to while you think about it.



Anonymous said...

Difficult to the former, definitely to the latter.

Teresa B. said...

Not sure if I would say religion is tedious - I think of it as lonely. So hard to find Catholics who enjoy being Catholic that live closeby that I can enjoy it with so it isn't tedious!

Some people think our family is relgious (I am just very organized when it comes to prayers and traditions etc..)and I look at other families and think they are religious and feel guilty which gets me annoyed.

In my Father's House there are many rooms - some people just won't be at my Eternal outdoor Victorian Tea Party and that's OK.

Anonymous said...

Religion can be tedious sometimes but God isn't. Religious people generally aren't annoying if you take evangelical Protestants and Pentecostals out of the picture.

I would probably answer yes to that question.


Felix said...

Father Faber commented that religion can be boring at times, because of our limited attention spans and limited grasp of reality.

And what about people who find pretty much everything really tedious. Perhaps the experience of tedium suggests there is something that has no tedium at all, ie that Heaven exists.

Though I suppose Hell is not tedious either. Always something to fully occupy your awareness and remind you that you exist.

Anonymous said...

Love isn't tedious.


- Karen