Friday, January 25, 2013

The adolescent whine

I never got a chance to thank my mother for teaching me to write. And because she was on the "side" in the culture wars that I left behind, she came to hate me all the more, so it would have been impossible. But I really do have her to thank for it all. She may never have realised what she was doing, but as a hippie/leftie/feminis of the mid-1970 pop-psych school, she told me all the time to question the accepted wisdom, not to accept what I was told on face value, but to think things through for myself.

Ironic, wot?

Here's my thing from yesterday for LSN. I'm rather proud of it. I think she might have been too, in an odd way.

One of the Abortionist Movement's apologists says, with typical permanent-adolescent bravado,

"Well, so what if it's a human life?"

Once you have responded to “It’s a human being,” with a manufactured shrug like this, there seems nowhere else to go in the conversation. So what if abortion is genocide? So what if it serves the cause of sex trafficking? So what if it enables pedophiles and pimps? So what if it’s slaughtering entire generations of girls in India and China? So what if it’s being used by totalitarian governments to terrorise women and maintain control over their populations?

So what? I want it, and I have the power to get it; discussion over.

And this is right and good because the strong must always have power over the weak. From some dark place, the shade of Nietzsche howls his mad, tortured shriek of triumph.

There is something else I learned from my mother: that the whole Sexual Revolution/femmie/hippie/commie thing is both the work of perpetual adolescents and turns you into one. This is becoming more clear in the British Parliament, where the first generation of PAs, having been trained by their non-PA parents and schools to at least mimic adults, have since given way to the second and third who have only ever known the I-can-do-whatever-I-want culture and now can no longer even fake grownuphood.

We are now at such a pass with these people that saying, "I can just damn well kill my child if I feel like it," and no one in the ruling class any longer has the chops to do what needs to be done.



Anonymous said...

I don't think spanking Parliament is in the cards. - Karen

Gerald said...

I was recently reading C.S. Lewis's essay "The Poison of Subjectivism" recently, and I thought this excerpt was apt:

"Out of this apparently innocent idea comes the disease that will certainly end our species (and, in my view, damn our souls) if it is not crushed; the fatal superstition that men can create values, that a community can choose its 'ideology' as men choose their clothes."