Thursday, January 10, 2013

Real men, please


Don't have to be from the country, or the South, but please, less sissy, OK?

(Hands up, all the girls here, who look first at a man's hands? Yeah? I'm right, aren't I?)

I'm working on a thing today about what feminism has done to men: either angrified or sissified them, neither of which makes anyone happy. It's depressing.



Anonymous said...

I look at the whole arm. Is it muscly or is it wimpy? But yes, hands are important and nothing puts me off quicker than a man with girly hands and a manicure. Blech.


Dymphna said...

Once at the sign of peace a man shook my hand and I was so repulsed I had to turn my head so he would seen my expression. His hand was soft, smooth, pale, and more tender than mine. It was like shaking hands with a giant baby. All I don't think that man had ever done any physical work in his whole life.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Yes, I had a similar experience at a party recently. I was introduced to an almost perfectly spherical man and when he shook my hand it was like grasping a damp marshmallow. It was all I could do to keep the look of revulsion off my face.

It turned out during the course of the evening that he was also a person with repulsive personal habits and no social skills and I spent the evening politely trying to get away from him, since he seemed to have taken some kind of odd shine to me...