Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My brain hates me and wants to kill me

Got cancer-brain today.

~ Dreamed cancer was back and I owed 5000 Euros to oncologists... thanks brain.

~ Spent two hours last night on the internet looking up Classical Realist painters in Pennsylvania...looking at pretty paintings of Pennsylvania in the winter...thinking about how much I miss Winter, then Cancer-brain whispers... "And you might never see it again..."

~ The January is almost over, started thinking about tidying up, leaving the house every day, getting a hair cut, sweeping up the pine needles and getting on with the rest of life... then, "Remember, cancer! Hahahahaaa"

~ Am now torturing self by looking up what they do to you when cervical cancer recurs...

Cancercancercancercancer... fuckoff Brain.


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