Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh crap!

Italy in a nutshell

I'm almost out of booze!

The local supermarket has started selling Lambrusco and it's so good, I have to admit I have been drinking it like pop. (And no, I don't care who knows I like it; I just do... < cough >Greg...< / cough > I can like whatever the hell I want, dammit!)

This is something ever-new and wondrous for a Canuckistani living abroad. In the People's Republic, you can't buy anything alcoholic outside of a government liquor store. The sight of shelves of booze in the supermarket is a great consolation that staves off homesickness. And because it's Italy, it's all cheap-like-borscht. In this country, even the cheap wine is good wine, compared to the awful California plonk you pay 90% tax on in Canadia. It didn't take me long to get into the habit of treating wine like milk, as in: "Damn, I'm short of milk! Gotta go to the store."

Anyway, I was horrified just now to look in my cabinet and discover I'm down to one bottle of Mirto, an untouched bottle of Bushmills that I won at Pub Quiz last year and mickey of vodka I bought to make bay leaf liqueur (which turned out amazing!). This is the most depleted my stock has been since I moved in. Damn you, Christmas Party Season, and all my worthless friends who didn't bring booze to my last two parties.



Anonymous said...

I hate buying booze at state stores. It feels impious. I want to buy my liquor where God intended, at Costco. - Karen

Gerald said...

I live in Massachusetts, populated by Catholics but still run by Puritans. The result is that we chafe under draconian laws while drinking ourselves halfway to bankruptcy. The beer I had last night set me back $9!

Anonymous said...

Back when gasoline was less expensive, I usually stocked up on liquor in New Hampshire. Their state-run liquor stores are less expensive than the liquor here; Massachusetts levies massive excise taxes on booze. Of course, NH and many other states allow wine and beer to be sold in supermarkets, gas stations, Wal-mart, etc....


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Feckin commies run Mass - NH is a real man's state.

Mark Steyn lives in NH.

Anonymous said...

"Pinko commie bedwetters," as my grandfather used to say.

Unfortunately, they are tired of high taxes, corruption on Beacon Hill, and the other nonsense that comes with their pinko commie bedwetter ways, so they've all moved up to New Hampshire and are ruining that state as well. (When I was in Montana, people complained about the Californians moving in and running their state in the same horror-show way California was run, excepting different results. Oh, and Colorado, and Virginia also have the same problem. They are like locusts, I tell you.)

But Mark Steyn - Mark Steyn! The only one who brazenly states that America, the last bastion, is dying, and its fall will not be slowed by the strength of another great, free country waiting by, but will be hard, fast, and brutal.