Saturday, January 19, 2013

And now, back to the Real

Ah, well that was fun. So, I hope this can be a little lesson to everyone: don't EVER try to tell me what to put on my blog.


A very close and trusted friend, a priest no less, once tried to tell me to tone something down or adjust something. He learned that lesson.

Meanwhile, Real Life keeps on happening. We need a storming.

A very good friend has unexpectedly lost his job through no fault of his own and, due to government bureaucratic nonsense between states, now finds himself unable to collect the unemployment benefits he paid into. He's facing possible bankruptcy and the loss of his home. The stress is starting to give him health problems and is starting to weigh heavily upon the family members he cares for.

O's Picknickers will know that I don't do this often, but in your charity, please spare a prayer if you can today.



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