Wednesday, August 01, 2012

None shall pass...

Stories like this used to abound in the SCA. We always thought they were mostly apocryphal though.

(Yes, yes, I'm an uber-nerd, we've established this. Do try to keep up.)



DP said...

My favorite involves the man dressed in full Viking kit, including a perfectly functional battle axe. He even looked the part--6'5", blond, and muscled.

The story goes that he was returning by some kind of urban rail train from an event late at night. A short, furtive man stole up to him, flashed a knife and demanded his belongings.

The Viking grabbed his battle axe and screamed "Blood for Odin!" The would-be robber left contrails.

It's a great story, but seems pretty apocryphal. Especially since a coda has the Viking (sans kit) running into the robber at a men's room at the same station months later, and has him whisper "Blood for Odin," which again sends the guy fleeing.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Yes, versions of that story are abundant. I must have heard at least ten.