Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Birnam Wood

A friend is in an agony of frustration because he owns a lovely house full of beautiful family heirlooms and antiques in civilised B________, Pennsylvania but works in Detroit and does not make enough money to keep an apartment and a house at the same time. He's casting desperately around for solutions while living rather horribly by sharing a house full of other people, like a college kid, though he's otherwise a bona fide grownup.

He's just mentioned that the only solution he can think of is to sell his (fully-paid-up, mortgage-free) house, and buy one in the countryside outside Detroit, which seems to me like the solution of selling Rivendell and getting a little place on Dagorlad with a great view of the Morannon and Ephel DĂșath.

Still, it looks as if the problem may eventually solve itself. Detroit seems to be going back to the wild. If my friend just stands still long enough, the countryside will come to him.

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Also, from the same 'blog, how to make your kids happy: give 'em swords and armour.

Violent? Dunno whatcher talkin' about. I was given a shield and wooden sword when I was a kid, and I turned out just fine!



DP said...

"Outside Detroit" covers rather a lot of nice space. Plus, even in the tonier 'burbs, it's an insane buyer's market now. He'll get astonishing value.

As to the City proper, it is to weep.

a Christopher said...

That's right, Ithilien is just around the corner.

The Crescat said...

have you seen this one developers plans for Detroit?