Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Church Militant TV blog

Michael and the gang have decided to join the argument.

I'm a pretty regular viewer of the Vortex. I skip some of the ones about US politics because I don't follow it closely enough to get some of the jokes. But lately their theological ones are improving, gaining a little more depth, and losing some of their previous NovusOrdoist tendencies.

Go over and give him a little poke for me.


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Tom Ryan said...

It's been a pleasure watching him grow. One could easily switch the word Neo-Catholic for Catholic Elite in his August 14th video.
His response to Donohue took more courage than anything the convert bloggers have said for the past decade.
You really should watch the political ones as well. They are relevant to anyone who thinks there is a crisis in the Church. That seems to be the dividing line in the Church between traddies and neo-Catholics now that Benny has come down on our side on issues that would have made you an ignorable "radtrad" just a few years ago.