Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ah, goodie! The good old "rape exception"... my favourite stick for beating pro-aborts

I’m not an American, and though for some reason lots of people seem to think I should have lots of opinions about the US election cycle, I’d like to reiterate that really, it’s not my country and it’s not an electoral or governmental system with which I’m very familiar. Ask me about British politics, Lords reform, EU membership or even the infighting in Canada’s Parliament, and I’m all over it.

But now and then an American poltician says something that wakes me out of my late Italian summer torpor.

Todd Akin, a US politician, said something about abortion, pregnancy and rape recently and has received the usual response from the shrieking harpies.

He said that in cases of "legitimate rape" the woman rarely gets pregnant.

As ever, the fact that it is true has done nothing to stop the shrieking.

I do get tired of making the same points over and over about the "rape exception" but apparently it needs to be said again:

Oh, so now suddenly we support the death penalty eh?

But apparently only when it is applied to the totally innocent children of rapists.

More on this later.


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Anonymous said...


Now if here in deepest Pennsyltucky I know that last year the Conservatives formed a government, that Dr. Eee-vil Jack Layton kicked the bucket a year ago today, and that the PQ is currently plotting another Rene Levesque move, then can't I expect you to keep track of the latest sputterings of a would-be Missour-ah Senator?

It's only fair.