Thursday, August 09, 2012

My new favourite blog

Joffre the Giant on buxom wifely obedience.


Mansome: "Real men don't 'Tweet'" This reminded me powerfully of my stepfather, Graham, who though very troubled in life, was certainly a real man, and being a marine engineer, also smelled of diesel fuel.

It also brings to mind a recent conversation with a male friend about Jane Austen (which he had, of course, read). We were discussing the relative merits of Willoughby and Col. Brandon.

"As a guy, of course, I hated Willoughby instantly."

Good manly instincts there, I think.

~ * ~

Lately I've been getting very annoyed by the response of the churches and prelates to the "gay marriage" thing. They go on and on about how wonderful marriage is and never, ever talk about what needs to be talked about. They're afraid. Not a very manly thing.

"Homosexuality among Christians: not a gift, but a deep wound."

"International Women's Day Meditation: feminism is bad for people"

And I think there's a big something missing in the whole discussion. Women are not going to believe this until men tell them. It's part of our nature. We need to be guided and protected by men, and as long as men don't tell women that feminism is bad, and doing bad things to them, they will keep hurting themselves, and men and children and the whole world with it.

Women are not constitutionally disposed to believe other women. Men need to say it.

Use your authority, given by God, and tell us the truth.



Ingemar said...

Darn you, Hilary! You made me do an archive binge that lasted several hours.

My genetics don't let me grow a nice beard. I shave to preserve a modicum of dignity.

Anonymous said...

We also like men who hold their ground, so guys don't give in just because we kick up a fuss.


Anonymous said...

What is this liberal bilge? Women aren't going to believe something unless men tell us? LIKE IT MATTERS WHAT WOMEN BELIEVE? When did this blog go all soft and mushy? - Karen

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Oh Karen, I wish I had a "Like" button.

Anonymous said...

Did you try that nonchemical stuff I recommended on your hair? - Karen

Martial Artist said...

I guess I was either lucky, or (more likely) God was in charge, in that I found and married a woman who had already begun to discover the flaws in feminism when we met. It probably didn't hurt that I was then 34 and she a few years younger.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer