Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big stat spike today

Can't figure out where, we must have picked up a link somewhere along the way. Normally the stats are steady at about 400 a day (a little higher than I'd like, but I haven't done a purge in a while) but today we've already shot up to over 600 and it's not even eleven am in Tranna and DC.

Gosh, look at that! 685!

Who are you people, and where are you coming from?

The new version of Blogger has all sorts of fascinating little bits of info about where y'all are reading from. Let's see...


I wouldn't have guessed the Netherlands, would you? Who do we know there?

Netherlands 375

United States 238

Canada 52

Australia 31

United Kingdom 29

Italy 19

Indonesia 15

Costa Rica 10

India 6

Philippines 5



Teresa B. said...

I was wondering what was happening today. Heard about the shooting and then couldn't get on. I wonder if the Dutch were throwing their wooden shoes at their computers when they couldn't get through!

Amy Giglio said...

I wound up here after Googling for a photo of a vicar's wife. I found your post from 2009:

There is a popular Amercian Catholic priest blogger who used to be an Anglican priest and lived in the UK for a long while. His name is Fr. Dwight Longenecker. You might see more traffic from his place since I just posted a link to your post (for the picture of the lovely lady with the cat) at his blog here:


Anonymous said...

Also here from the comments on Fr. Longenecker's site. -- Rosemary